HCOS Students Ranked Among Top Ten!

One of the great online subscriptions that IMT HCOS students have acccess to use is DimensionU.  It is comprised of “engaging and interactive multiplayer video games that focus on core skills in mathematics and literacy.”  Several HCOS students have been busy putting their literacy and mathematics knowledge to the test by playing with other students in this 3D virtual world.  They get the chance to “goop”others with their goop soakers, play in team-based games, and participate in high-speed obstacle course all while learning and testing their knowledge.  Of course, they work on their own time (there are no set hours), but there are also special events. For instance, the HCOS IMT team has created a “Friday DimensionU Free4All” which happens every Friday from 11:30am-12pm. In the near future, as student numbers permit, we hope to put together a live DimensionU tournament event!

Over the last three weeks our school has ranked among the top ten schools in North America on the DimensionU leaderboards.  As you can see, below, for the week of October 12th-19th, HCOS was ranked 7th in all of the schools that participated during that week.  One of our students, “hcnathaneGN,” is to be congratulated for achieving 8th place for that same week!


Leaderboards 1

For the week of October 26th- Nov. 2nd, HCOS was ranked 3rd in all of the schools that participated during that week.  Four of our students: “hcjoshsGN,” “hcelliotlGN,” “hcnathanhGN” and “hcmicaellatGN,” are to be congratulated for ranking in the top ten!

Leaderboard 2

For the week of Nov. 9th – 16th, HCOS was also ranked 10th!

Leaderboards 3


There are also a number of students that have been pouring their energy into the game.  I would like to extend a round of applause to their efforts in the DimensionU games each week.  For the week of October 12th-19th:

DimensionU students making good effort

For the week of October 26th- Nov. 2nd:

DimensionU students

Lastly for the week of Nov. 9th – 16th:

DimensionU Students

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