Jordan Klein and The Chronicles of Entanglement

by Shannon Beglaw

The IMT 8 class was recently asked to submit a book report that included all four aspects of IMT 8 (Social Studies 8, Language Arts 8, Bible 8 and HACE 8), and I gave students many options to demonstrate their learning (written, spoken, performed, story board, interactive posters…). It was hoped that by giving students choice, it would make the assignment more interesting for them and that it would allow them to lean toward their giftings. Students also had a choice of books. I made a rubric that would work for either book, and for any style of submission. Jordan Klein rose to the challenge and submitted an innovative approach to the book report challenge. See his book report, below.


Jordan Klein

(Please click on the image for a larger, more readable version)

Jordan Klein’s Report on “Chronicles of Entanglement” by Patrick Bell

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