Immersive Technology 8

By Shannon Beglaw

This year with the students in Immersive Technology 8 has been a fantastic experience! Some highlights of the year include presentations made with PowToon storyboards as initial drafts, and spoken word poetry video presentations in a variety of platforms. Students have responded to and memorized Scripture passages and are submitting their favourite or most important passages. We discovered that the flipped classroom is a wonderful method for students which allows them to be better prepared for class before online discussions in our 3D virtual classrooms, and to maximize the time we have together in our weekly sessions. For Global Day of Design, most of the class chose to participate in an optional task of designing a way to transport medieval plague victims using wind for energy. Many very creative designs were submitted! We also discovered that we could enjoy inquiry- based learning using our 3D virtual classrooms. We shared our knowledge in class discussions and we were able to brainstorm how best to answer a tough question like, “Should we celebrate Columbus?” Below, you can see Ian Giles’ creative demonstration of what he learned from his inquiry into whether or not Christopher Columbus’ legacy should be celebrated or not:



When presented with a choice of either inquiry-based methods or the traditional lecture and quiz method, there was an overwhelming response from students who chose to complete one last assignment using inquiry- based methods. Some questions I look forward to exploring next year include: Were the Vikings really Barbarians? Was the Reformation necessary? I look forward to trying new tools and digital resources to complete inquiry- based units and missions in 3DU with a fresh group of IMT 8 students next year! Please contact me, Shannon Beglaw, for more information.

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