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Immersive Technology – Gord Holden

I just got off the phone with a parent who attended a job skills course. She was completely shocked by the huge demand in BC for employees with the skills to work in 3D environments. This includes programming, art work and gaming and movie development aspects as well. It’s not uncommon to hear of positions for $100/hr going unfilled due to a lack of skills in these areas. It continues to be my dream to see a multitude of HCOS students taking what they’ve learned in the Immersive Technology (IMT) program into those industries, along with their faith and witness.

It was another great year of IMT growth. There were approximately 150 students participating in a variety of courses within our 3D interactive environments. These courses included Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Bible, Art, Health & Career, and French. In the coming year, Health & Career (dropped by the Ministry of Education) will be replaced by Applied Skills. We’re also expanding the IMT French program to include a second level. The feedback from parents and students was so spectacular that we have also hired Jacquie Chelini to take on IMT Spanish Level 1 in the fall. A picture of the main square of the new Spanish world called Mundo Mañana is featured on the cover of the latest IMT brochure, featured here: Immersive Technology Brochure. Please check out the brochure for more information about Immersive Technology programs. Missing from this brochure is information regarding some of the other resources we use such as Thinking Worlds and DimensionU. We are looking at the possibility of introducing another very popular 3D resource as well.


The greatest challenge this year was with the Quest Atlantis upgrade to Windows 10. While it didn’t affect the students who had already completed the introductory missions, many new users struggled with it. Next year, we will be moving necessary QA quests and missions into our 3DU environments where we will have much more control over the content and the ability to address any concerns fully and immediately.

I’m already being flooded with requests to take on new students. Some requests from as far away as New Brunswick. Many interested families are again wanting to have a look at the program before committing, so the IMT teachers are providing IMT Introductory Camps over the summer. You can register for these camps with this registration form. These Introductory Camps help ensure that families will be well prepared to make an informed decision ahead of time. You’ll notice that there’s also an Introductory IMT French course as well in August. M. Hadley will teach the course and give a placement test at its conclusion to ascertain if new students (grade 6 and above) are ready to start with the IMT French Level 2 course in the fall.

Please don’t hesitate to email me, Gord Holden, with any queries.

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