Immersive Technology Languages

 By Alisha Hadley

Congratulations to the winners of the “Name that World” contest: Olivia G and Micaella T with the name “Mundo Manana.”  A plaque has been installed at the beautiful landing-zone plaza dedicating it as “Plaza Micae-Livia.”


In addition to Rosetta Stone Online, we are excited to announce that the Immersive Technology Foreign Language Department is expanding to offer the following courses:

  • French Level 1 with Madame Hadley, open to students in grades 5-7*
  • Spanish Level 1 with Senora Chelini & Madame Hadley, open to students in grades 5-7*

*Recommended prerequisite for French and Spanish Level 1 courses: prior IMT experience or a 3 day “Intro to IMT” summer camp offered in July 2016.  Contact Gord Holden for more details.


  • French Level 2 with Madame Hadley, open to students in grades 6-9**

**Recommended prerequisite for French Level 2: successful completion of IMT French Level 1 course or 9 day summer camp offered in August 2-18, 2016.  Contact myself, Alisha Hadley, for more details.


Name that World!

by Alisha Hadley

What would you call a virtual Spanish world? We are calling on your creativity for this one of a kind contest: Name that World!  HCOS is excited to announce expansion of its Immersive Technology language department to include a new Spanish World for Spanish language classes and community. The winner of this unique contest will have “una plaza” named after them at the Landing Zone of our amazing new world.

So brainstorm up those names: go wild with word-play, get silly with sibilance, or say it in Spanish. Send your nominations to Alisha Hadley, no later than March 1, 2016.  The winner will be announced at CHEC.


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