Immersive Tech 5

IMT5 covers the Grade 5 Curricular Competencies for Language Arts, Science, Applied Design, Skills and Technology and Bible including:

  • healthy relationships
  • stewardship
  • body systems
  • simple machines
  • natural resources
  • creative writing/poetry
  • technology
  • health


  • Broaden and develop digital literacy skills to create strong 21st Century Learners who are actively engaged in their learning
  • Gain technological skills to prepare them for a successful future.
  • Build and strengthen social skills within a safe community of learners (group meetings are held weekly in a moderated 3D online virtual world called 3DU).


A learning management system (Moodle) is used as a base for student submissions and lessons along with the immersive technologies listed below.

  • 3DU
  • Thinking World
  • Wolf Quest
  • Brain Pop
  • Kids’ Health
  • Switchzoo
  • Wonderville
  • Plan it Green
  • Whack-A-Bone
  • Build-A-Body
  • Dimension U
  • Tynker
  • Stykz


IMT5 is available to all students and their families who are enrolled with Heritage Christian Online School.

For more information about the IMT program please contact either Gord Holden (gholden@onlineschool) or Michelle Nimchuk (

Please check out the IMT blog ( for more information


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