Immersive Tech 6

Here is a 3 minute video that gives a quick overview of this 21st century learning methodology for 21st century learners,

IMT6 covers the new Grade 6 Curricular Competencies for:

  • English
  • Science
  • Bible
  • Applied Design, Skills and Technology


Students are given the opportunity to participate in real world activities which are socially and academically meaningful. These units, missions and quests in 3DU will be accompanied by additional lessons including:

  • virtual group novel studies;
  • web quests;
  • virtual group meetings;
  • real-world hands-on projects; and
  • Bible application through prayer forums, scripture memorization, and Christian worldview reflections.


A learning management system (Moodle) is used as a base for student submissions and lessons along with several programs throughout the year, primarily 3DU, a multi-user virtual world where students engage in core curriculum, classroom interactions and values based tasks.


IMT6 is available to all students and their families who are enrolled with Heritage Christian Online School.

For more information, please contact Heather Douglas at

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  1. I’ll forward you to April McLeod’s SE program as she works with SE students. You can contact her: My grade six IMT program is meant for students who are able to read at a grade four level. April McLeod’s SE program though makes accomodations for SE students’ needs and learning styles.

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