Immersive Tech 7


Greetings, and thank you for your interest in Grade 7 Immersive Technology (IMT7)! Here is a 3 minute video that gives a quick overview of this 21st century learning methodology for 21st century learners,

IMT 7 covers the new Grade 7 Curricular Competencies for:

  • English;
  • Social Studies
  • Bible
  • Applied Design, Skills and Technology.


IMT7 students will explore the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Rome as well as visit and study historical Biblical sites. In these virtual environments students interact with content wrapped in stories that challenge students to engage in critical thinking about issues that are authentic and relevant to them and their world.

Beyond curricular content delivery, the IMT program also creates real classes of students in which there is a strong sense of community. Parents are encouraged to work alongside their children, at times helping them complete additional supporting material and assisting them with their writing as well as discussing with them the implications of the exciting choices their assignments will ask them to make.


IMT uses a number of online programs that includes the well-established 3DU, Thinking Worlds, DimensionU and BrainPop. But we’re always on the lookout for new and exciting immersive technologies for students to learn with!

2 thoughts on “Immersive Tech 7

  1. Hello
    Since our family it new to IMT resources, I was wondering if it’s possible to view a sample / have access to a trial version so we can see what it’s like and if it is something our children would enjoy/embrace. I am looking particularly at IMT 7 and IMT French (the new one). Please advise.

    • Hi, Thanks for asking about viewing a sample of the IMT 7 course. Gord Holden is hosting 2 separate virtual workshops in July to help families decide if the IMT program and its resources will work for their student. I would encourage you to contact Gord about those workshops and he would be able to answer questions about the French program as well: . Also, Danny Snodgrass is the IMT 7 teacher and would be happy to answer your questions about his IMT 7 course, .

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