Immersive World French Program



 The following link will take you to a video showing some of the highlights of Language World:
IMT French Demo

Eiffel tower

Welcome to Immersive Technology French!  My name is Alisha Hadley, and I am excited to be your “professeur!”  I live in Victoria, but my students are from all around the world.  Join me on an adventure in our custom-made Language World. 


Madame Hadley

We will meet once each week as 3D avatars in my classroom at Heritage Christian IMT School for a lesson, and you will be given a follow-up quest within our world to use the new language skills you have learned. 



 French class

 You will have so much fun customizing your avatar as well as furnishing and decorating your own home.  Prepare for field-trips to the local ski-hill, and cultural outings to the museum of French Impressionists.  Get to know your classmates over dinner at “White Spot,” and sing along to French music at the karaoke club.  Everyone knows that the best way to learn a language is being immersed in it, and this brand-new program is the next best thing.

Japanese restaurant


We are excited to pilot this first of its kind language program.  Plans are already underway for subsequent courses, and by completion, students will achieve functional fluency in French.

Set in a richly diverse and comprehensive 3D interactive French Canadian town, the students in Immersive World French enter as 3D avatars. There, the students attend a fully functional school where they get live classroom instruction once per week, can ask questions, and interact with peers and mentors. Their class will visit the game preserves and the aquarium, ski the slopes of the local resort, and meet in cafes and restaurants to experience French culture. Students get to furnish and decorate their own homes for visits by friends and the teacher. Throughout such activities the students learn and master French vocabulary, oral skills, and grammar in an experiential and immersive manner. They will subsequently record their assigned interactions with the teacher and/or others for assessment.

Classes meet weekly online. Access to a computer with broadband internet connection and a headset with microphone are required. While the program works with most MACs, Apple upgrades may or may not support this software. The following specs are recommended in order to take advantage of the powerful 3D virtual world experience.

  • 2.0Ghz or better

  • 2GB

  • 500MB (client plus cache)

  • Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, 8.1, 10

  • Mac OS X 10.6 or newer

  • Card with 32MB of VRAM