IMT: VBS Simulation Development 9

Computers and games are playing a larger part in this world. But did you ever think, your child could influence the world with this powerful tool called a game? Yes, they can and the game is called a simulation. Your son or daughter could harness the power of creating simulations and use it for educational as well as for future career opportunities. Simulations can be amazing tools!

VBS Worlds is a computer platform for creating virtual simulations.  In this course, students will make their way through successive levels to be able to create simulations in Caspian Learning’s VBS Worlds.  Students can choose to create a simulation to teach others about food & nutrition learning outcomes, go back in time and teach others about a certain time period, woodworking safety, science concepts or second language culture projects.  The options are endless!  Completion of this course will qualify for credit in Applied Skills 9.

VBS image VBS ClickMe VBS camera creation Untitled2