What is DimensionU?

DimensionU is one of the great online subscriptions that IMT students have the ability to use, the games are engaging multiplayer video games that focus on core skills in mathematics and literacy.  Students put their literacy and mathematics knowledge to the test by playing with other students in this 3D virtual world.  Students get the chance to goop others with their goop soakers, play in team-based games, and participate in high-speed obstacle courses all while learning and testing their knowledge.

DimensionU3 DimensioU2 DimensionU1

DimensionU is a learning resource that incorporates gameplay into the learning of either math or literacy concepts. This link is to a DimensionU introduction video:


This math and literacy learning resource is available independently from Atlantis Remixed, but may be used by those online teachers to give their questers necessary practice and mastery where there are deficiencies in literacy skills. Students taking individualized courses this year may participate when registered to a teacher who is also wishing to participate with utilizing DimensionU.

The following videos give you an idea of how the gameplay is leveraged to learn. There are 4 games that may be played by students individually or in teams. They are:

Towerstorm = http://bit.ly/16y01yI

Swarm = http://bit.ly/1eqK51Z

Meltdown = http://bit.ly/191EYoC

Velocity = http://bit.ly/14huBvI


This link leads to DimensionU’s YouTube channel for further information.


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